Bastard is production + whatever it takes to get your content seen, and to be effective.


We create great content, incredible activations, and amazing ads. But everyone is designed with a specific purpose in mind.

No matter how amazing your content looks, how compelling your narrative content is, it’s worthless if it’s not seen by the people you created it for Content needs context and an audience to be successful. Bastard considers  and delivers both.   

As a production-led creative agency, Bastard is all about content—not only content that engages audiences, but content that also engages brands. From national television spots to earned-media stunts, digital activations to viral GIFs, Bastard exists to tell your brand story.

Having delivered award-winning work for the likes of Monster's NOS Energy Drink, the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, Starz, and more, Bastard partners with brands directly, as well as through shops like sister agency, Mistress. With complementary creative and media capabilities, Bastard is the evolution of production. Production 2.0. Production, plus.